How to use

How to use

The following unique link leads to your TipSmack virtual tip jar. When users click it, they can instantly send one-time contributions, or check a box to “make tip recurring,” which automatically repeats a contribution each month. This incredible feature essentially lets loyal fans become monthly subscribers to your work. It adds up fast. {Link}
{Sharing Preview Tool; where users customize heading/body of how link appears when shared} Share your link

everywhere, especially these key places:

  • 1.) We are an official Google partner, so you
    can share us on a Postcard within
    YouTube videos*

  • 3.) Post it as a link on your Instagram page (eg. “Do you love my work and want to help support the creation of more great con tent? Throw some change in my virtual tip jar! Takes
    5 seconds.”)

*Important note on YouTube’s policy*

Towards the end of 2017, Google changed YouTube’s monetization policy to disallow videos from being monetized (in any way), unless the creator meets certain “popularity criteria.” If you’re reading this, you probably know what we are talking about. If you are eligible for monetization, TipSmack is a fully approved, official Google partner, so you can share your unique link on a “Postcard” within your videos. It is considered “Approved Crowdfunding,” in official Google partner terms. If you are not eligible for monetization, you can still provide a link to your website in the video description, as well as general note (eg. “For more info about us, or to send us some love via our TipSmack virtual tip jar…check out our home page!”). If you don’t have a website, shoot us a note at We can quickly setup a home page with virtual tip jar, at incredibly low prices. **How to make your TipSmack virtual tip jar appear as a widget within a blog or website** {insert instructions, which I do not know}
Not fluent in developer lingo? No problem! We can easily do it for you. Shoot us a quick note for more info on this service: