Common Questions

A: The whole process is incredibly simple. Create a basic account and choose your plan, make a short profile to give fans a little info when they're about to send you a tip, then follow simple copy/paste instructions to make it appear on various types of content (YouTube videos, Wordpress blogs, Podcasts, Instagram, etc).

A: Yes! That's the whole point of a 3rd party tool like TipSmack. You can apply it to all your online content.

A: Once you make your basic profile, you're given a unique link + simple instructions on where to place it within your content (there can be slight differences between platforms, like YouTube vs FB Live). You simply paste your link into the content as instructed, and're ready to go.

A: Tips are securely sent through TipSmack's processors and pooled within your account. We send them to you as lump sums, weekly, via PayPal. Super easy.